All about with love

“ If what you do is of great benefit to the others, just do it.”

Establishing the market of new product is very challenging. Gordon and Wilma, his wife, had straggled and decided to commit their time and the pension to develop Toothbat.

Most of the wonderful designs inspired from living which was how Toothbat works.

Despite we are always told to flossing before brushing teeth, few people develop the flossing habit. The common oral diseases of family and friends drives Gordon Lam to designing Toothbat for enhancing their oral health.

Persistence is everything

After several years of R&D, 3-Directional Toothbat was firstly launched in 2014 and won the iF Design Award (Germany). Until the present day, we still devote to develop the products for maintaining the oral health
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The beginning

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Love is share


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Spending 80% of pension for developing “Toothbat”.
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Won’t do it next time
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A worth millions dream
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4 million for making it