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Your reliable helper to prevent the periodontal diseases

International Design Awards Winner

idi committed to develop a series of oral care products. Since firstly launched in 2014, Toothbat has been winning the favorable comments and international design awards which include iF Design Award (Germany), Good Design Award (USA), A’ Design Award (Italy), Good Design Award (Japan), DFA Award (Asia), HK Award For Industries and Smart Design Award (Hong Kong).

Causes of periodontal disease?

Development of gum disease is due to the presence of dental plaque that adhered to the tooth surface. If the oral hygiene is poor, dental plaque will accumulate along the gingival margin. The bacteria from the dental plaque release toxins that irritate the periodontal tissues (tissues surrounding a tooth) including the gums, periodontal membrane, jaw bone, etc., leading to development of gum disease.

Why “Toothbat”?

Comprehensive – 3-directional floss can reach every tooth and gum line easily.
Effective –  The ultimate tension of floss ensures the performance of flossing.
Comfortable –  The compact size of head provides the incredible easy and comfort flossing experience.
Deeply –  Efficiently clean the gum lines by simply swing the handle.
Easy –  The handle design enhances the strength and controllability of flossing.
Wise –  Toothbat, a durable product, avoids the pollution and saving money from using the disposal floss pick.


Users’ reviews

The feedback and praise from users are our biggest motivation to continue research and development.